The INTREPID Pilot 2 is coming!

After a successful first Pilot in Stockholm, Sweden last year, in November 2021, all the INTREPID consortium partners will meet again, from 17 to 21 October. It will take place at the BMPM’s CETIS training center, at the port of Marseille, France.


This Pilot goal is to evaluate, in real conditions, the technological innovations progress, and user-friendliness of the INTREPID beta release, and enable the end users to use the technology itself. This time, the scenario will simulate an industrial incident in a SEVESO site, INTREPID tools will face fire, potentially toxic smoke, and explosive gas leak risks.


Crisisplan is responsible for all preparation plans for the INTREPID pilots, including the organization of end-user training sessions, as well as the creation of the scenarios in collaboration with the respective pilot hosts.


Find out more about the upcoming pilot here.