Crisisplan offers various services and products to make sure your crisis team is prepared for any crisis.

Consultancy & Evaluation

We assess your crisis organization. We offer advice on the trajectory towards enhanced effectiveness. The end result is an organization that is prepared for crises to come.

Serious Games

A serious game is highly immersive and provides the perfect laboratory to practice strategies and receive immediate feedback from other players. Our scenarios are open ended, which gives players a real chance to affect the outcome of the game. A perfect tool to gain an appreciation of dynamic environments and feedback loops.


We work with strategic teams to help them understand and practice the key tasks of strategic crisis management. For each task, we have a method that works. We make sure the participants understand the task and know how to perform it. Your team will be prepared.


Trained teams must practice in a simulated crisis environment. We prepare immersive and realistic crisis scenarios and deliver them in different formats. We have simulations for small teams, multiple teams or entire networks.

Crisis Management Tools

We advise you about technological solutions that can make crisis management processes more efficient and effective. With our deep knowledge of crisis management tools, we can advise you what to use and what to avoid. Check out our most recent tool: the CrisisHub.

Vulnerability Analysis

We help you identify core threats and key weaknesses in your organization. We map vulnerabilities and lay the groundwork for your business continuity planning.