Consultancy & Evaluation


We guide organizations in improving their processes, plans and knowledge of instant and institutional crises. We offer help before, during, or after a crisis, and can also prepare you for the accountability process. Our expert advice is based on a combination of scientific research and practitioner’s experience.

Learning from crises is difficult, but it is not impossible. We can help you find the specific lessons that can be learned from crisis experiences. For organizations that want to use a crisis to re-evaluate their assumptions about crisis management and adjust them accordingly, we are your preferred partner.

Evaluation & Research

Crisisplan often conducts commissioned evaluations. Together with other parties, we conducted policy evaluations like the enforcement of the non-smoking policy in the Netherlands (commissioned by the NVWA) and the supervision of company fire services (by article 31 WVR). We often evaluate incidents, by providing evaluations and reports of system tests after incidents in the Safety Region. All Crisisplan researchers and consultants have a Master’s degree in various fields, e.g. Public Administration, Political Sciences, Psychology or Philosophy. Some of us are PhD researchers, partly working for Leiden University (as professor or researcher).

Want to know more?

Are you interested in expert research which addresses political sensitivity, civil uproar, organisational awareness, scenario thinking and team collaboration? Contact us for more information. Call or email: +31(0)71 5730 551 or