The INDIGO project (full name: Innovative Training and Decision Support for Emergency operations) is aimed to help urban crisis managers meet the complex challenges associated with natural, industrial or man-made incidents that make it challenging to design proper emergency plans, train security organisations, and handle crisis management procedures effectively. INDIGO developed an integrated software tool to tackle these challenges.

Specifically, through INDIGO, users were able to:

  • Display a complete and comprehensive operational representation of a crisis situation;
  • Simulate different scenarios;
  • Involve many first responders and field units in the simulated exercises;
  • Enhance crisis management procedures across organisational boundaries and decision levels.

Crisisplan BV’s involvement in INDIGO was to:

  1. Identify and produce the inventory of end-user requirements.
  2. Coordinate the INDIGO user group.
  3. Organise validation, dissemination and exploitation activities.
  4. Host a two-day final dissemination event in Leiden (the Netherlands) in March 2013. During the two-day event, end-users from the Dutch police, medical and fire-fighting services, and public and private actors were involved in training sessions and a scenario-based demonstration.

For more information on the INDIGO project, please contact us. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 242341.

Please visit the INDIGO website.