Crisisplan offers in-company education modules. We teach in a clear, accessible and interactive way. Participants learn about the causes and dynamics of crises. We teach them the essentials of crisis management. 

Crisisplan offers a variety of educational services (on-line or at location):

Interactive lectures: we present the latest insights from the world of crisis studies, discuss a specific crisis case, or identify a promising crisis management perspective.

A tailor-made course: Crisisplan will work with you to design a course that enhance the knowledge level of the participants with regard to one or more dimensions of crisis management (or features of crisis dynamics).

A complete learning program: Crisisplan designs and runs a complete program that discusses the entire crisis cyclus.

We have over 20 years of experience in designing crisis education modules. We provide an interactive setting in which participants can fully engage and develop. All modules can be delivered ‘in company’ or online.