Crisisplan specializes in the development, implementation and evaluation of various training exercises through the use of realistic simulations. These exercises will challenge the capabilities of crisis teams and other involved parties in near-real circumstances, which will test existing crisis plans as well as the cooperation efforts between teams. The end goal is to create an exercise that is most accurate in its representation of a real-life scenario.

For an accurate exercise, Crisisplan encourages the participation of directly-involved crisis partners. This will ensure familiarity with the interests and expectations of crisis partners, which will extend the overall crisis preparation beyond that of the internal organization.

To this end, Crisisplan developed an interactive media-simulator. The media simulator is a private and secured digital environment, in which social media outlets and your own website are included. The media simulator is an excellent tool to learn how to interact with the media and how to communicate during a crisis.

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Tabletop exercise

Tabletop exercises are designed for smaller crisis teams that operate on the strategic level. A tabletop will allow for a discussion between members of the crisis team to critically assess the mission of the crisis organization (i.e types of crises and response routines; roles, tasks, procedures and crisisplan designs). Through a short and well-designed crisis scenario several challenges are laid out, which will test existing crisis-strategies on its effectiveness and veracity to the problem at hand.

Tabletop exercises are tailor-made in which end-goals and content may differ.

Duration: 3+ hours

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Serious Games

Serious games work and that is not just because serious games are fun and exciting to do. A serious game places you in a different environment, where processes and dynamics remain recognizable. By distancing yourself from your daily work routine, it becomes easier to recognize patterns and with your colleagues have a critical look at the roles, positions, organizational procedures and culture.

Serious games are a safe learning environments to work on recognizing and breaking through ingrained patterns in behavior and attitudes. At Crisisplan you can partake in appealing serious games for groups of 7 to 75 people.

Take a look at our current games, and games in development, in the overview below.

If you wish to play a serious game which involves political-administrative sensitivity, public unrest, structural command, scenario thinking and/or where teamwork plays a central role, contact us at +31(0)71 5730 551 or

“You are pleasantly confronted with the facts.”

Police under fire

Serious game in negotiation and persuasiveness.

Prison game

Serious game in coalitions and the building of networks.

The Milk Factory

Serious game in corporate imaging and reputation management.

Multinational Hack

Serious game in Cyber Security.