Serious Game | Multinational hack

Hackers are able to gain access to the ICT-system of your multinational. You and your crisis team must manage this cyber crisis. The hacker demands money in exchange for not damaging the system further. Your companies continuity and image are on the line. Will you bow down to the demands of the hackers? Will other companies be involved in taking measures against the hackers? Will there be communication towards your customers as well as the general public?


Our serious game about cyber security gives insight into the dynamic, challenges and dilemmas of ICT-incidents. During the game you will take on the role of a member of the crisis team at the multinational. Your team is tasked with managing the cyber incident.

Participants and duration

This serious game is suitable for groups of 7 to 70 people and takes around 2 and a half hours.

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“I found it a lot of fun and educational! Well developed and really realistic”