Planning Wizard

An effective plan for the strategic level 

A strategic crisis plan is effective when it meets two conditions. It needs to contain critical and correct information about the crisis response. In addition, it needs to be easily accessible (so it will be used). 

A crisis plan needs to contain the following information: 

  1. The goals of the response: It is important to consider beforehand what you want to achieve during a crisis (and what you would like to avoid). It helps to formulate criteria by which success and failure can be measured. It also helps to identify who will do the measurement.  
  2. Detection: How does the organization identify threats? How are executives informed about these threats? When does the crisis team assemble? 
  3. Who are the members of the various crisis teams? What are their roles and tasks?
  4. The process of strategic crisis management: Which tasks need to be accomplished? What do the various teams do and how?
  5. Training and preparation of the various teams: how are the individual members and the teams trained? By whom?
  6. Facilities: What do the strategic and operational teams need during a crisis? 

It is critical that a plan describes all these features of crisis organization. That plan needs to be accessible during a crisis. We recommend the creation of checklists to ensure that the most important points are always readily available. 

We can help to evaluate existing crisis plans en formulate new ones. Using our planning wizard, we can rapidly create a basic document that can be easily enhanced. Our planning method makes it easy and fun to write a crisis plan that will actually be useful during a crisis. 

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