We prepare strategic crisis teams to perform in an effective, timely and legitimate manner. Perform well when it matters most. We help teams in both the public and private sector to formulate a vision on crisis management, identify strengths and vulnerabilities, train key tasks and practice group skills in realistic simulation exercises.

Training Strategic Crisis Teams

We train your crisis team and support staff to perform effectively and with confidence. We focus our training on the executive tasks that strategic teams must fulfil during a crisis. Our training programs are grounded in a vision on strategic crisis management. This vision is informed by extensive research and long-time experience. You can find our publications here.

Crisis Planning

Many plans are never used during a crisis. Our planning approach delivers plans that are useful and will be used during a crisis. Our unique checklist approach helps to translate smart plans into actionable guidance.

Crisis Preparation

Preparation for crises is a process. It needs to be organized and planned. Crisisplan helps to assess available capacities and suggest ways forward. We offer a combination of assessment, training, planning, testing and anchoring that will make your organization truly prepared.

Technological Support

We have participated in many EU-funded technology development projects (FP7, Horizon 2020). We have developed our own tool (CrisisHub). We understand the possibilities and vulnerabilities of software tools. We can assist you in making choices.


Crisisplan offers a wide variety of educational modules for both public and private sector audiences. Our modules combine academic findings with practitioner insights. Take a look at our products.


We conduct applied research on crises, write about interesting developments and offer new insights that are relevant to crisis managers. You can find our publications here.