4 Strategic Tasks

We notice that professionals have difficulty in implementing sense, assessment, and decision-making (or BOB, Beeld-, Oordeels-, Besluitvorming in Dutch) during a crisis. That is why we have developed a working method which consists of practical handles and helping tools, which makes applying the BOB method easier. Additionally, the training “4 strategic tasks” solves bottlenecks which occur with the use of the BOB-method. We do this by paying attention to meaning making and communication.

Our trainings help teams perform the 4 strategic tasks successfully. These tasks are:

1. Information processing (Sense making)

Your team learns to effectively and efficiently share incoming information, and estimate its value. This training helps your team quickly and accurately make sense of a occuring situation. This creates peace of mind, provides focus as well as a good atmosphere, even in crisis situations.

2.Critical decision making and coordination (Assessment and decision-making

In this section you identify, prioritize and judge critical decision making. Which leads to thought out decision making with widespread team support. Your team will learn to involve strategic partners, so that all available capacities are used and the chances of friction are reduced.

3.Public meaning making

Formulating a clear message, is what it is all about in meaning making. In this section you will learn to understand and control the symbolism of crisis management. Your team will learn to formulate messages that support and create understanding.


In the fast changing world of media, crisis communication is becoming more important but also more difficult. You will learn how to deliver your message adequately and on time to your targeted audience. How can rumors on social media be tackled? Who becomes involved and when?

This training consists of four sessions of half a day, which are taken either as a whole package or per part. Every session contains a mini-college where the relevant scientific insights are quickly and clearly presented. Furthermore, your team will practice with the new method using a dynamic crisis scenario.

Preparation for large scale events

The event which was supposed to be a major festivity in your municipality turns into a disaster. In an interactive exercise for operational and strategic crisis teams , the disruption of large scale events take center stage. The scenario and the goals are tailor made to your wishes.

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