Our Vision on Crisis Management

Effective crisis management requires a defined way of thinking and acting. In a well-prepared organization, the staff constantly looks for signs of emerging threats and acts on early-warning signals. These organizations are marked by a common awareness that things may go wrong, which can put the future of the organization at stake. Their members “lean forward” – they reflect on possible threat scenarios and work diligently to nip emerging threats in the bud.

Planning and preparation
Successful organisations make sure they are prepared for possible threats. They assess vulnerabilities and actively search for potential disruptions. They make plans that include key people at the strategic level, identify effective procedures and critical resources, and foster an ability to improvise and co-ordinate. They teach their managers to make difficult decisions under pressure and with very little information.

Crises create opportunities
Each crisis is unique and difficult to manage. But crises also offer excellent opportunities for innovation, learning and improvement. Furthermore, identified latent failures or emerging threats already underway can be directly addressed, minimizing harm to your organization and its employees, be it physical, financial, or reputational damage.

What Crisisplan offers
Crisisplan enables intelligent preparation for the challenges that crises bring. The nature of threats is constantly changing, and each organization has unique risks. We evaluate your capacity to manage crises, help you to reflect on your crisis management organization, train your key people, and design interactive exercises. Crisisplan offers high-quality products tailored to the demands of your organization. Innovative technologies, academic insights, and long-time experience form the cornerstones of our approach.