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“Backsliding” – New Crisis for the European Union?

Martin Lodge (LSE) and Nick Sitter (CEU) argue that the EU is facing a new crisis: the backsliding of Member States on previous commitments. Rather than investing in new transboundary crisis management capacities, the member states increasingly chose to go it alone. Read this brief piece here.

European Civil Security Governance

Natural disasters, industrial or large-scale transport accidents, health threats or the response to terrorist attacks have risen to feature prominently on the agenda of European security policy-makers and practitioners over the last decade. States and international organizations, most notably the European Union, have established a plethora of policies and mechanisms to deal with these risks […]

Does the EU learn from crises?

In this excellent article, Wout Broekema (Leiden University) explains how politicization affects EU learning in four oil disasters. ABSTRACT: This article explores the relation between issue politicization and crisis-induced learning by the EU. The author performs a political claims analysis on the political response to the four major oil spill disasters that have occurred in […]