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R&D for Search and Rescue (The INACHUS Project)

        Crisisplan participates in a number of EU-funded Security and Innovation projects. INACHUS, a H2020 project dedicated to helping Urban Search and Rescue workers, recently held a pilot demonstration in Lyon, France. We collapsed an old factory building and used the rubble pile to demonstrate the project’s wide area surveillance tools (drones, laser […]

An overview of academic literature on crisis leadership

In this article, Cristine de Clercy and Peter Ferguson nicely summarize and discuss the research literature on crisis leadership.   ABSTRACT Leadership in Precarious Contexts: Studying Political Leaders after the Global Financial Crisis Cristine de Clercy * and Peter A. Ferguson Department of Political Science, Western University, London, N6A 5C2, Canada; E-Mails: c.declercy@uwo.ca (C.d.C.), p.ferguson@uwo.ca (P.A.F.)   A series […]

In memoriam: Henry Quarantelli (giant in the field)

Today, we received the sad news that scholar and gentleman Henry Quarantelli passed away. He laid the groundwork for the study of disaster and crisis management.   Here is the message from his colleagues at the Disaster Research Center:   Dear Colleagues, We are writing with some very sad news. We are sorry to tell […]

Panel EU Crisis Management June 1-2, Leiden University

The Dutch-Belgian Political Science Meeting will be held in Leiden. One of the panels is on crisis management and the EU. MANAGING TRANSBOUNDARY CRISES IN THE EU Convenor Prof. dr. Arjen Boin (Political Science Institute, Leiden University) Contact person and email Donald Blondin, Political Science, Leiden Univ. (d.b.blondin@fsw.leidenuniv.nl); Wout Broekema, Public Administration, Leiden Univ. (w.g.broekema@fgga.leidenuniv.nl) […]

Does Social Trust Inspire Confidence in EU Crisis Management? Apparently not

EU Crisis Management capacities have grown stealthily yet impressively over the past decades. An intriguing question is whether this growing role is legitimate. A Swedish-US team consisting of Thomas Persson, Charles Parker and Sten Widhalm researched the question. Spoiler alert: the answer is perhaps not what you think it is…. Excellent article in Public Administration. […]

Second Edition “Politics of Crisis Management” book out now!

We proudly announce the second edition of the Politics of Crisis Management book. This ideas in this book have been well received in the world of strategic crisis management. We use the same framework, but it is thoroughly updated with new findings & recent examples! Available from Cambridge University Press or any other good book store.

After Brussels: Moving forward by building transboundary crisis management capacity

In today’s world of refugee crises and terrorist attacks, the EU member states are increasingly going it alone. Arjen Boin, Mark Rhinard and Magnus Ekengren argue that backtracking from integration is the wrong strategy. To protect our society, member states must collaborate to build transboundary crisis management capacities. See the TransCrisis blog on the Brussel […]

EU further expands its Crisis Management toolkit

The EU has more tools for crisis management than people think, but these tools are clearly not enough to deal with the current migration crisis. The Commission is now proposing an expansion of its toolkit, by “turning inward” one of its oldest tools: providing financial support to disaster-struck countries. For a press release, follow this […]