Serious Games

Serious games work and that is not just because serious games are fun and exciting to do. A serious game places you in a different environment, where processes and dynamics remain recognizable. By distancing yourself from your daily work routine, it becomes easier to recognize patterns and with your colleagues have a critical look at the roles, positions, organizational procedures and culture.

Serious games are a safe learning environments to work on recognizing and breaking through ingrained patterns in behavior and attitudes. At Crisisplan you can partake in appealing serious games for groups of 7 to 75 people.

Take a look at our current games, and games in development, in the overview below.

If you wish to play a serious game which involves political-administrative sensitivity, public unrest, structural command, scenario thinking and/or where teamwork plays a central role, contact us at +31(0)71 5730 551 or

“You are pleasantly confronted with the facts.”

Police under fire

Serious game in negotiation and persuasiveness.

Prison game

Serious game in coalitions and the building of networks.

The Milk Factory

Serious game in corporate imaging and reputation management.

Multinational Hack

Serious game in Cyber Security.

The games below are currently in development

Threat of critical infrastructure

In this serious game aimed at the public domain, a department urgently needs to act when critical infrastructures are threatened due to negligence of an external supplier. A quick and adequate solution to limit potential damage can only be achieved in accordance with public and private actors.

Crisis Communication

In this serious game, the division of Corporate Communication of an airliner needs to act after a devastating plane crash. How do you handle framing of the situation, key messages of the CEO, announcements to the staff and relatives, social media and requested interviews?

Taking Responsibility

In this serious game the Executive Board of a multinational needs to make strategic decisions regarding in/external investigations, legal claims, regulatory agents, taking responsibility, caring for affected staff, and compensating any inflicted damage after the disaster.

Reputation Management

The management team of a company is confronted with the first indications of an error in production. This error might have significant consequences for consumers and the company. A ‘product recall’ seems to be the best solution. However, recalling all of the affected products will have significant side-effects that might endanger the future of the company.