Lavinia Cadar

Senior Project Manager

Lavinia Cadar MSc. joined Crisisplan BV in 2015 to work on Research and Innovation projects funded by the European Union, and assist national and international client-specific trainings on crisis management, at different levels of their development process (e.g. scenario creation, running of exercises, evaluation). Her responsibilities include: bridging the gap between end-users (practitioners) and technical developers in projects that create supporting technologies for crisis managers; formulating user requirements and developing use cases; organizing, overseeing and evaluating large-scale pilot demonstrations that showcase prototypes and market-ready solutions developed in the aforementioned projects; researching crisis management in the European Union.

Lavinia’s experience stems from projects such as ZONeSEC, TransCrisis, IN-PREP and VASCO. Lavinia holds a Master of Science degree in Research in Public Administration and Organizational Science from Utrecht University, and she was awarded the Brasz scriptieprijs by the Vereniging voor Bestuurkunde (Association for Public Administration) for the best thesis in public administration in the Netherlands in 2014.

Lavinia Cadar (ENG)| Phone: 071-5730551